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A young man’s life unravels when he falls for a mysterious girl, who takes him on an Urban Holy Grail adventure to save her life.  This mythological love story is set in the modern immigrant working class of present day L.A. and bus-line 549.

The Boy on the Bus

Her name is Zoe, her father is the illustrious  Alphonse Bertillion, inventor of analysis and 

anthropomorphic photography. At the age of 19, Zoe is the youngest photographer at the Paris morgue. 

The year is 1889. During the first International Congress on Hypnotism someone is killing the most prominent Alienists of Europe. 

Based on the book, "Zoe La Nuit"

Matia Karrell - Producer/Director  |  Hilary Prentice - Producer

Zoe La Nuit
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